Business Liability Insurance

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Contract Work Insurance & Material Damage Insurance

Construction Insurance

During the construction process, if a building under construction or its materials suffer damage, such as from fire, flooding, vandalism, theft, etc., building insurance can provide coverage for related repairs, reconstruction of the project, material losses, labor costs, and more. This is a crucial safeguard that both property owners and contractors typically arrange before commencing construction.

Material Damage

Within commercial activities, our tools, materials, equipment, assets, and inventory are all exposed to the risk of unexpected losses. This could include accidental damage, loss, theft, and more. The resulting losses can be substantial, and it's important to ensure the protection of our commercial tools and production resources.

Commercial Vehicle and Buildings

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

You must take the this vehicle insurance, if your vehicle is used for a besiness relevant purpose. That includes but not limited to taxi, tools or goods delivery, rental car, loan car.

Commercial Building Insurance

You must take this insurance if your property is a commerical building, such as office building, workshop, shop, mall and so on. Sometimes, your house will be treated as commercial building, if you are running some kinds of businesses on this address.

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