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1.Car Insurance or Vehicle Insurance

Car Insurance will cover relevant loss or damage from an accidental incident, such as car crash , fire, car theft, wilful damage and so on. There are 3 types of car insurance. Please contact us for policy wording.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    This insurance protects not only your own loss&damage, but also that of a third party which is caused by you. It also includes fire and theft covers.

  • Third Party Liability Only

    It will cover your legal laibility, if you accidentally cause loss & damage to a third party vehicle or property . It won't cover your own loss.

  • Third Party Liability Only + Fire & Theft Vocer

    It will cover your legal laibility, if you accidentally cause loss & damage to a third party vehicle or property. It will alse cover your car if it suffers loss from fire or theft.

Why choose JIC Insurance for your car insurance?

We put you first, taking pride in working alongside you to alleviate stress and uncertainty. At JIC Insurance, we understand that every customer has unique needs, which is why we offer personalized car insurance solutions that are both comprehensive and tailored to your specific requirements.


With our straightforward and stress-free claims process, one of our expert insurance advisors will guide you through every step. They ensure you are well-informed and comfortable throughout, making the experience hassle-free. Choosing our car insurance service means selecting a partner committed to easing your worries and securing your vehicle, ensuring your investment in car insurance truly pays off.

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2.Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

The vehicles today are complex and have so many mechanical components. The car insurance won't cover mechanical breakdown problems. So the MBI cover is designed to help protect you and your budget against the cost of unexpected breakdowns.
Please contact us of policy wording*

  • Engine

  • Electrical

  • Trasmission

  • Fuel System

  • Cooling System

  • Air Conditioning

  • Suspension

  • Steering

  • Differential

  • EV's battery


Comprehensive protection for petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles
Allowances for towing and car hire
7 day / 24 hour AA Roadservice


*This is a summary only – please see the policy documents for full terms, exclusions, conditions and benefits.

Important Disclosure

JIC will only sale Autosure car and mechanical breakdown insurance as non-advise products.JIC will also only give true facts of these products.Autosure Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is underwritten by DPL Insurance Limited. Autosure Car Insurance is underwirtten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited. If you want to get advice or comparison for car insurances, your enquiry will be referred to our general insurance partner.

    ? If I have car insurance, am I covered for windscreen damage?

    At JIC Insurance, we ensure your car insurance meets all your needs, including windscreen damage coverage. With our Comprehensive policy, you are fully protected against windscreen damage. Additionally, you can opt for the Glass excess buy-out, eliminating any excess payment for claims related to accidental damage to your windscreen, windows, or sunroof. For holders of Third Party Fire & Theft insurance, there's an option to add Glass breakage cover, safeguarding against accidental damage to your windscreen, windows, and sunroof without any excess charges. By opting for Glass excess buy-out or Glass breakage cover, you enjoy comprehensive protection without affecting your No Claims Bonus, ensuring peace of mind without extra financial strain.

    ? On Agreed Value for Vehicle Insurance

    When opting for an agreed value policy for your vehicle, it's important to note that the agreed value is subject to change at each renewal. It is essential to review your policy documents annually to understand the new agreed value. If the value listed on your policy schedule doesn't meet your expectations, feel free to contact us at 0800 542 888 or visit our website at for assistance or to discuss your policy.

    ? Insurance for Vehicles Used for Business Purposes

    For vehicles primarily used for business, considering business vehicle insurance is vital for adequate coverage. Business vehicle insurance offers protection tailored to the unique risks and needs of commercial use. To learn more about our Business vehicle cover and ensure your business vehicle is properly insured, please contact us at 0800 542 888 or visit our website at