In New Zealand, protecting your most significant assets like your home and car is crucial for financial security. Home insurance is essential for safeguarding your property against unexpected events such as theft, fire, floods, or natural disasters, ensuring you can rebuild or repair without the burden of overwhelming costs. Similarly, while not mandatory, car insurance provides a safety net against sudden damages or theft, covering repair or replacement costs and liability for damage to others’ property. Together, these insurance policies offer comprehensive protection for your major investments, keeping you covered in any unforeseen circumstance.

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Car insurance & Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Car Insurance provides coverage for accidental loss or damage, featuring straightforward policies without waiting periods. It's your straightforward solution for comprehensive vehicle protection. ------------------------------- Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) covers the costs of repairing mechanical or electrical parts due to unexpected breakdowns during normal use in New Zealand, as detailed in the policy exclusions.

House insurance & Contents insurance

Seeking a house insurance quote or recently purchased your first home? The contents insurance is tailored for both renters and homeowners, safeguarding your most valued possessions. For guidance on the best house insurance options, consult with our expert advisory team.

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