Make a health insurance claim | Please prepare these in advance!

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There are two challenges in New Zealand


  • One: You don’t have a Health Insurance when an illness comes. You have the misfortune of entering a long public waiting list.
  • Another One:You have a Health Insurance, but you don’t know how to make a claim. 


The most important thing of make a successful health insurance claim is preparing all necessary documentations. These include,

Your Referral Letter:


  • According to New Zealand’s healthcare system and claim requirements of insurers, you need to have the referral letter from your GP before you do the next medical procedure, such as specialist consultation, tests. Because your GP holds your medical record. The referral letter should have enough information, which includes,
  • Symptoms started date | Sought medical advice date | Relevant history | Record of GP consultation | The next required procedure.
  • Especially, pay more attention to the Symptoms started date, please disclose the exact date to your GP. There is a case study, we have a client who has already purchased health insurance for 1 and half years. He got a condition 7 months ago, but he told the GP with vague words ” I have this condition for a long time…”. TheLong Time for the client is several months, but for the GP is over years. Then, GP wrote down ” the condition started over years”. Then, he got a trouble when he made this claim. 


 Appointment Date & Quote 


  • After having your referral letter, you should make an appointment with the specialists or tests institutions. Then, the insitutions will give you the appointment confirmation with quotes by email. You also need to submit this to your insurer. Sometimes, if your next procedure is a normal specialist consultation or general test, the insurer will pre-approve the claim without a quote. Because insurers have big data statistics.


Quote Major Claims


  • But, if your next procedure is a major procedure, such as surgery, hospitalization, major treatment, a quote will be neceesary. Because the cost of major procedure is high and variable case by case. 



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