Health Insurance

New Zealand public healthcare system help Kiwis a lot, however it’s not perfect. If a person needs a non-emergency medical service, such as consultation, tests, elective surgery, this person may have to wait for a long. 

With health insurance, this person can avoid this and get the care and treatment you deserve in a timely manner. In addition to this, health insurance could also cover some medical procedures which are not funded by government, for example some expensive Non-Pharmac drugs.

We can provide a suitable plan and quote for you, based on our strong product providers, including,

AIA | Partners Life | Nib



Common covered procedures:

  • Surgery

  • Hospitalization and treatment

  • Specialist consultation

  • Tests and imagings

  • Cancer cover

  • Overseas treatment

  • Non-Pharmac drugs and more.

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Frequently Q&A

? Why the health insurance is important?

Our public health system could do a good job for urgent medical service, however, relying on the public system for conditions that are non-urgent could result in long waiting lists and delayed treatment.​ In New Zealand at any one time there can be around 110,000 people waiting for surgery [1]. Health insurance can help people jump from the potential long waiting list and right treatment at an early time. In addition to this, some kinds of medical service are not covered by public health system. For example, the Non-Pharmac drugs for cancer treatments which could cost $60,000 to $500,000 per year [2]. [1] [2]

? When should I take the insurance?

Today is always better than tomorrow. We can not predict when risks will occur. Meanwhile, taking the insurance at an early age can help the insured avoid exclusions from pre-existing conditions.

? How to take the health insurance?

First of all, you should have a talk with an insurance advisor. Your advisor will give you advice based on your personal situations. Your advisor can also help you clearly understand features and terms of a product. Then, once you do the final choice, your advisor will help you complete application of insurance. The advisor will also be responsible for your claim and review.

? Which health insurance is the best?

There are many insurers in NZ, such as AIA, NIB, Partners Life etc. We cann't use "the best" for descriping any product. Each company's plan has its unquire features and benefits. The premium is also variable. People should choose products based on their budget, needs and special focus. Talking with an advisor is the best way to understand products.

? Do I need medical test before purchasing insurance?

Depends on the health situation. We need to disclose any pre-existing conditions to the insurer. If the insured person is very healthy, the medical test is usually waived. If the insured person has some pre-existing conditions, but the insured person can disclose details or provide medical report, the medical test may be waived. Conversely, if the insured couldn't disclose details or provide report, or the insurer wants to know the up to date healthy situation, the medial test could be applied.

? Is there a waiting period of health insurance?

As long as your condition (not a general exclusion or an underwriting exclusion) originally happens after the commencement date, you can make a claim. Please carfully disclose your pre-existing conditions in application form.



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