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House Insurance

For most families, their most valuable asset. You can insure your house against sudden, undoreseen and accidental damage from a series of perils.
House insurance will cover the cost of house repair, reconstruction and relevant operations. There are three main types of house in surance:

  • Agreed Sum Insured

    In this type, you and your insurer can agree on the total insured sum If your house is destroyed, your insurance company will pay to rebuild your house up to that total insured sum.

  • Indemnity Sum

    What the house was worth just before it was damaged. It is roughly equivalent to the depreciated replacement cost of the house taking into account its age and condition.

  • Total Replacement

    If your house is destroyed, your insurer will rebuild or repair it up to the total number of square metres you insured it for and pay all the professional fees and demolition costs involved in the reconstruction process.

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Contents Insurance

Contents insurance can protect the contents from accidental loss or damage, including but not limited to

  • household possessions

  • furniture

  • clothes, bags, jewelry

  • appliances

  • capets, curtains

  • other personal belongings

1. Replacement up to sum insured
This is a very common type of insurance, where the insurer will replace your property with a new one or repair it to a completely new level in the event of damage. The cost of the claim will not exceed the maximum sum insured that you have set.

2. Indmnity (present) value
The insurance company will take into account the depreciation of your property before the loss, including age and use.


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**Definitions are summarized by ICNZ

JIC do not give advice for house and content insurance. Your consultation will be processed by our general & fire insurance partner. The general & fire insurance advisor will disclose information at the referaal stage.