New Zealand Life Insurance

Life is invaluable for a person or family.

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Life insurance could compensate the loss of a person’s death, from a financial perspective. 

A lump-sum claim will be paid out, if the insured person unfortunately pass away. This amount of payment can be used for any purpose, including but not limited to family mortgage, living expenses, children’s education.

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Why we need life insurance:

  • Repayment of liabilities, such as mortgage, busisness loan

  • To cover family living espenses

  • To cover dependents' alimony and education cost

  • A compensation to your families and people you love

  • Even a part of legacy

  • In a conclusion, you should plan you life insurance based on your situations and needs.

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? At what age should you get life insurance?

There is no specific age, this would depend on your

  • personal situations and needs
  • family situations
  • financial responsibilities.
  • and more
Have a talk to your adviosr and get your personal advice.

? Is life insurance affordable for elder people?

The answer cann't be "Yes or No", this is a very personal question. Please get your personal advice, however we shoud in a consideration of many factors, include but not limited to,

  • Premium type, rate for age or level
  • Sum insured
  • Indexation
  • and more

? Can I buy more than one life insurance?

Yes, of course. In the field of insurance, person's life is invaluable. You could buy several policies in one company, you could also buy several policies from different insurance companies. However, you are also subject to the insurance company's underwriting requirements. Please disclose your existing covers when you buy another policy.

? How much of the sum insured I can take?

In the field of insurance, person's life is invaluable. Theoretically, you could buy life insurance with any sum insured, such as $1M, $2M etc. However, the higher sum insured, the higher premium. Meanwhile, the insurance company will also need more information for underwriting. In a conclusion, you should choose your sum insured based on your personal siutations and needs.

? Will life insurance cover hazardous sports?

On a case-by-case basis, you should disclose any hazardous sports when you do insurance application, such as skiing, racing, diving, skydiving, rock climbing and so on. The insurance company will give your underwriting result based on the details you provide. It may cover your activity; it may cover your activity with higher premium or special endorsement; it may not cover the death which is related to this acticity.

? Is life insurance worldwide covered?

Yes, the life insurnaces we provide are worldwide covered!

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