Total Permanent Disablement Insurance

Permanent loss of working ability is a daunting risk that can significantly impact an individual’s life. Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance, also known as total permanent disability insurance, is a safety net for those who find themselves permanently unable to work due to serious illness or injury. Unlike common misconceptions, the definition of disablement for TPD insurance is not limited to physical impairment but extends to situations where an individual cannot continue their previous occupation due to health-related issues.


TPD insurance provides financial support in the form of a lump sum payment, tailored to the insured’s needs (e.g., NZ$500,000). This payment is designed to help cover medical expenses, mortgage or rent payments, home modifications, caregiver costs, and other disability-related expenses, easing the economic strain during such challenging times.

Note that the primary definition of total permanent disability is based on your work status. Please contact us for policy wording*

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? Eligibility for Total Permanent Disablement Insurance

You may be eligible for Total Permanent Disablement insurance if you meet the following criteria: - Age between 16 and 55 years (up to 60 years for clerical, administrative, or professional occupations); - New Zealand citizen, permanent resident, or holder of a valid New Zealand work permit or long-term business visa.

? Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

While your medical history may affect your application, it does not automatically disqualify you. Full disclosure of your medical history is crucial for the accurate assessment of your application, and the impact on your eligibility will depend on your specific condition and circumstances.

? Determining Your TPD Insurance Needs

The amount of TPD insurance you need varies based on your personal situation, including family responsibilities, debts (like mortgages and personal loans), and how disability could affect your ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Consider potential medical costs, necessary home modifications, and expenses to adapt to a new way of living.

? Occupational Eligibility

Not all professions are eligible for TPD insurance, particularly those considered high-risk due to the nature of the work and the insurance risks they pose. Occupations typically excluded from TPD insurance eligibility include armed forces personnel, police officers, prison guards, firefighters, coal miners, professional divers, and pilots.

? Exclusions for Recreational Activities

Certain hobbies and activities may also be excluded from coverage. If you engage in or plan to engage in potentially hazardous activities not covered by the policy, you will be informed prior to the issuance of the policy. Exclusions may apply to activities such as hang gliding, racing, mountaineering, and scuba diving beyond 40 meters.