What is Trauma Insurance?

Doctors can save people’s life, but who can protect family economy?

Trauma is a kind of critical illness or injury. It doesn’t only cause physical harm, but also bring financial pressures. Trauma insurance is designed to pay out a one-off lump sum to manage the financial impact if the person is diagnosed with an insured critical conditons. The insured people can choose their own appropriate sum insured. 

Each insurance company has a list of insured conditions, please have a talk with adviosr for details.




Consider potential financial stress from a trauma:

  • Loss of job, Loss of income

  • Cost of long-term rehabilitation

  • The potentially increased living expense after a trauma

  • Repayment of liability will continue, such as mortgage

  • Home care and service

  • Significantly decreased family cash flow

  • Trauma insurance could help you release from financial stress, include but not limited to the above.

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? Which kind of illness or injury is insured?

Depends on the product you choose. Each company has a list of insured critical conditions, normally the insured conditions are range from 50 to 70 in NZ market, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, paralysis etc. Please have a talk with advisors for details.

? Any limit of using the claim amount?

No, you can use the money for any purposes. Especially, you can use it to relieve financial stress.

? Can I buy more than one trauma insurance?

Yes, of course. Trauma insurance is a kind of life risk insurance. In the field of insurance, person's life is invaluable. You can buy several policies as long as the insurer can provide you an offer. Please disclose your existing policies when you buy another one.

? Is there a conflict between Trauma and Health insurance?

No, they are two kinds of insurances. If an insured critical condition comes, the health insurance will pay the cost of medcial procedures based on invocie, meanwhile the trauma insurance will pay out a one-off lump sum.

? Is there a waiting period of trauma insurance?

Depends on your policy terms. Normally, some of the insured conditions have a 3 months waiting period, such as cancer. Please carefully check the details of policy wording.

? Can I buy a new policy after a trauma claim?

Too be frank, it very difficult to buy a new trauma insurance if you have made a trauma claim. But most of the insurers provide "Buy-back" rider which give you right to reinstate your cover without further medical information following a trauma claim. Please talk with advisor for deatail.